During the 1990-2000’s there was an exorbitant number of TV series, some of which managed to stand the test of time and have become cultural phenomena. Some of them have ended on a high note, others dragged out for way too long, but the fans will never forget how their favorite shows ended… At least that’s what I thought, until I couldn’t remember a single one of these finales. Care for a quick stroll down the memory lane?



The very last episode of “Friends” ends with Monica, Chandler, and their kids, leaving their now empty old apartment to start a new, fancier life in the suburbs, with Joey as their housemate. Ross and Rachel are back together again. And the whole party goes to Central Perk for the last cup of coffee.



A show about three gorgeous witch sisters managed to last for 8 whole seasons had a helluva finale. First Phoebe and Paige die, but Piper doesn’t care, she goes back in time and saves them! Eventually, everyone gets a happy ending, Leo loses his powers, and the whole bunch quit the game of fighting the evil forces.

“Gossip Girl”
This show was heavily targeted at teens, and was somehow quite successful. In the finale Dan gets married to Serena, Chuck and Blair also get some love, and Dan Humphrey turns out to be the one spreading gossip. At least he admits it was him, and promises to never do it again. Or something like that.

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