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Have you tried this magnificent Meitu app yet? Well, I’m not gonna say you should, because, apparently, it requires quite a set of suspicious permissions to be installed on your phone, but if you’re up for a little gambling, give this Chinese app a spin!

The app itself has a fairly straight forward concept: take a selfie, apply numerous filters, transformations, sprinkle the pic with some Meitu magic, and – boom! – you look like an anime character now! Not gonna lie, this does sound super fun, and internet has been having a lot of fun with pictures of celebs, politicians, movie and video game characters, turning even the most intimidating killing machines like the Hulk and Vladimir Putin into a blushing kawaii mess.

Ready or not, these 26 Meitu-fied photos will hit you where it hurts – straight to the heart, of course. Enjoy!



1. DiCaprio isn’t the worst-looking guy out there, but this is just too much.
meitu-angelic-beauty-app-celebrity-transformation (1)meitu-angelic-beauty-app-celebrity-transformation (1)



2. Pretty sure this is Leslie Nielsen. Or at least his much handsomer brother.
meitu-angelic-beauty-app-celebrity-transformation (2)meitu-angelic-beauty-app-celebrity-transformation (2)



3. Slap a pair of boos on this chick, and I’ll think about it.
meitu-angelic-beauty-app-celebrity-transformation (3)meitu-angelic-beauty-app-celebrity-transformation (3)

4. Trump the Angelic or the new Joker?
meitu-angelic-beauty-app-celebrity-transformation (4)meitu-angelic-beauty-app-celebrity-transformation (4)



5. Vova Putin looks like the worst-camouflaged drag queen ever.
meitu-angelic-beauty-app-celebrity-transformation (5)meitu-angelic-beauty-app-celebrity-transformation (5)



6. And so does Obama, to be fair.
meitu-angelic-beauty-app-celebrity-transformation (6)meitu-angelic-beauty-app-celebrity-transformation (6)



7. Ellen, is that you? Why are you wearing chef’s attire?
meitu-angelic-beauty-app-celebrity-transformation (7)meitu-angelic-beauty-app-celebrity-transformation (7)

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