What if we lived in a world where eating was required to stay alive, but it could also kill you? Wouldn’t that be excessively cruel? Well, regardless of whether it is or not, that’s the world we live in.
While the number of foods that can actually can kill you quickly are pretty limited, that doesn’t mean that eating food is always a happy endeavor. Here’s a couple of food items that have the biggest chance of killing you and/or destroying your life completely.
Rotten Cheese
I’m not talking the regular “oh I left this in the fridge for too long” rotten cheese, but the Sardinian delicacy called casu marzu. Because this cheese ages so long, it can actually contain insect larvae. Bon appetit!

If this Japanese delicacy isn’t properly cleaned and prepared, the fugu’s poison can kill you almost instantly.


If you eat this African and South American dish when it’s not properly cooked, it contains linamarin. While that name probably means nothing to you, know that it becomes cyanide if you eat it.

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