Actors we see on the internet today are usually all big or rising stars, so how come some of them stop getting roles in the movies? Something’s seriously wrong here… I could understand if they were still “green”, but names like Drew Barrymore, Brendan Fraser, and Jessica Alba pop up in Google, when I search for “jobless actors”. Those are some great actors, who were popular not so long ago, but, apparently, something went sideways in their careers or personal lives, that pulled away from the movie scene. And now we’re gonna dig deep to find out why. Like, literally, go to the second page of the Google search, if needed.


These are 7 most famous actors who can’t find work in Hollywood today!



1. Drew Barrymore
Hollywood and acting are basically in Drew’s genes, seeings how she was descended from a long line of Barrymore actors. So where has she been hiding for the last 17-ish years? Between ’95 and ’99 she had done at least 12-15 movies, but since then she did only a few roles, and that’s mostly because these days Barrymore prefers to sit in the producer’s chair, rather than working for the camera.



2. Macaulay Culkin
Culkin’s best role was arguably Kevin McCallister in «Home Alone» One and Two, but back then he was 10. Sure, he had some other child roles, but… what’s next? Just 4 years later he decided to throw in the towel, and started doing drugs. Well, I don’t know exactly when the drugs came in, but you get the idea. And now nobody wants to work with him. I wonder why. We do hear that he’s trying to work through his issues and for that we wish him well.

3. Brendan Fraser
Remember The Mummy trilogy? Oh yeah, that was Fraser’s bread and butter, and helped boost his career for a few years, but then the fame faded away, and then Extraordinary Measures and Furry Vengeance happened. These two movies were so bad, they cost more money than they managed to earn at the box office. At least he’s doing some voice acting these days.

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