Facts About Drake That Will Amaze You

Drake is just one of those people you can’t seem to love or hate enough to really form an opinion of. Once you get to the point where you start seriously disliking his guts, he does something like the Hotline Bling video and your appreciation of him increases tenfold. It’s a gift, and he’s got more of it than he does musical talent.


Let’s take a look at some facts about Drake that you probably never wanted to know but will know in a few minutes nonetheless. Remember, knowledge is power.



His Full Name Is Aubrey Drake Graham
Aubrey seems like a weird name for him, don’t it?



Music Runs In His Family
His father was a drummer that worked with Jerry Lee Lewis and his uncle was a bass player for none other than Prince.

He’s Half Jewish, Half African-American
But it’s 2018 and we shouldn’t care about these things anymore. His “HYFR” video even recreated his Bar Mitzvah. Woops, that’s two facts for the price of one. Thank me later.



He’s a Miami Heat Fan
And he must be happy about that, because the Heat are currently 4th in their conference, only right behind the Cleveland Cavs!



He Has A Lot Of Celebrity Crushes
He has crushes on Nicki Minaj, who sees him more as a little brother, Rihanna, who he dated and loved since he was 22 years old, and even Kat Dennings.

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