Top 13 Best Super Bowl 2018 Commercials

Super Bowl is such a big deal in the US that a single minute of screen time during this event may cost up to 10 million dollars. That’s why the companies are doing their best to come up with something genius and then fit that something into as few seconds as possible without losing the momentum. Most of the Super Bowl ads are pretty amazing, at least compared to the mundane commercials of the same products. Other than creative and witty commercials and movie trailers, Super Bowl is just a big waste of time, but it’s a symbiotic connection, so we can’t have the good stuff without the sports stuff.


Either way, check out these 13 best Super Bowl 2018 commercials from last week!



1. AI Chooses Sprint



2. Danny Devito was the red M&M all along!

3. Peter Dinklage vs Morgan Freeman Rap Battle! (Using the voices of Busta Rhymes and Missy Elliot)



4. David Harbour and his absolutely incredible Tide Ads



5. The Correct Way to Advertise Retirement

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