For those of you that didn’t know already, cosplaying is when you dress up as a character from a tv show, movie, videogame or book. It’s a very popular thing especially at comic conventions all over the world. And since it’s popular, we pretty much are forced to keep you up to date on what’s good and what isn’t.

While you can cosplay as pretty much every fictional (or non-fictional, really) character you can think of, here’s the most popular cosplay characters for females. Or guys looking for a costume challenge. I won’t judge.



Harley Quinn
From vintage comic book Harley to Suicide Squad Harley, there’s plenty of costume choices for Joker’s right-hand woman.



Wonder Woman
While DC characters in general – apart from Batman – weren’t very popular a few years ago, the increasing quality of their movies has revamped their popularity for cosplaying.

The seductive Catwoman is pretty popular because you can get leather pretty much everywhere these days. Sadly, the outfit shifts from “seductive” to “cheap” very fast.

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