Friends, there are a lot of awesome drinks out there. Fruit juice. Fanta. Tea. Orange mocha Frappuccinos. Wine made from different fermented animals. You know, the typical stuff that quenches our thirst. Wait…fermented animal wine? Unfortunately, yes. It’s a weird world out there, and humans are willing to drink just about anything. To that end, we’ve compiled a list of 9 weirdest drinks around the world. We’ll start you off gently, but things will start getting progressively more disgusting. Don’t say we didn’t warn you.



9. Bilk (Milk Beer)
Okay, as odd as it sounds, this isn’t that bad. Made in Japan, the idea was hatched in order to use up surplus milk. It starts by boiling the milk and then adding beer yeast and hops. The end result is something that isn’t unlike milk and tea with fruity notes.



8. The Aunt Roberta cocktail
If you’re regular cocktails aren’t as harsh as you’d wish, the Aunt Roberta is the answer. It consists of straight up gin, vodka, brandy, absinthe and blackberry liqueur. Oh, and if you have any left over it’s probably suitable for mopping kitchen floors.

7. Yak Butter Tea
If you ever drop by Tibet (and why wouldn’t you?) help yourself to a cup of yak butter tea. Made with tea leaves, yak butter and salt, and then added to a bowl with toasted barley and milk curds, it’s something of an acquired taste. But not terrifying. This list has hardly gotten started though.

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