6 Gadgets Every Man Should Own

We all possess the essential wallet, key ring, and phone. But there are few more gadgets and gizmos that you may require that allow your day to day lifestyle with more ease of access. Here’s a short list of what you may need for yourself or rather treat yourself.



1. Lucca Bozzi Solar Wallet
Holding your cash, credit cards, and licenses may be just enough. But what about a solar panel that holds 10+ hours of battery and capable of charging your smartphone or any USB adaptive device.

2. Leatherman Tread Tempo
Flight friendly and responsive with 30 different capabilities and functions, this multi tool watch can be utilized for any issue that might just need a tight squeeze or pull. This resourceful multi tool is great for home improvement or handiwork (construction, carpentry, electrical) in addition to telling time at high altitudes and low depths.

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