It doesn’t matter if you’re 5, 25, or 95 – chances are you probably like ice-cream. Yes, some people can’t have it due to medical reasons, which is totally unfair for them, but hey, more ice-cream for the rest of us! Whenever you go by that freezer in the store, a little chubby devil inside your head pokes you on the shoulder and says “I want ice-cream!” And you know you’re gonna do it anyway, so why bother to resist? The question then becomes: which flavor of ice cold goodness should you pick? Vanilla, chocolate, caramel… or maybe something crazy like Lucuma or Kinako? What do you mean you don’t have those in your local store? You’re missing out!


Let me tell you about 7 popular ice cream flavors you’ve never tried or even heard of!



1. Lucuma (Peru)
This flavor comes straight from the Peruvian and Chilean Andes. Lucuma, sometimes called an “eggfruit”, is a weird fruit that tastes like maple or butterscotch. While it’s extremely popular in Peru, it’s not viable for export due to the unique qualities of its flesh and the tendency to lose water quickly.



2. Kinako (Japan)
Ah, Japan – mother of all that’s weird. This so-called “yellow flour” made out of roasted soy beans, is one of the most popular ingredients in Japanese desserts, so of course, it found its way to the ice cream vats. And the test subjects are loving this flavor!

3. Rosewater (Middle East)
Really, a floral flavor? Sure, rosewater used to be the king (queen?) of delicious flavors in XVIII century America, but vanilla dethroned it in a blink. What’s curious about this flavor is that it makes ice-cream more chewable. Who knew rosewater would be this good?

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