Sistine Chapel, Vatican | The World’s Most Beautiful Ceilings | Brain Berries

How often do you walk into a building and look at the ceiling? How often do you look up in general? No, I’m not criticizing you addiction to looking at our phones, but if that’s where you mind jumped to then maybe it’s worth thinking about. Now, in this articleContinue Reading

Today we are about to cross 9 of the most intriguing bridges in the world.     9. Living Root Bridges, State of Meghalaya, India Found throughout Northeast India, these unique bridges are literally alive! They are made by hand from the roots of rubber trees which are guided throughContinue Reading

Lion Rock, Sigiriya, Sri Lanka| 15 Most Astonishing Staircases In the World | Brain Berries

Long before we invented a way to vertically transport people and goods using a complicated system of cables and counter-weights, everyone had to do it the hard way – walk up and down the stairs. Over thousands of years humans have figured out the right angle, the height and widthContinue Reading

Ever heard of Taku Omura?  Not many people have, that is, until recently. He’s the genius Japanese designer who reimagined over 50 world-renown company logos into stuff you can actually use! Thanks to his mad 3D printing skills he even finds a practical use for an Adobe logo (and, no,Continue Reading