What do you do when your car needs fixing but you’re broke AF? Or, when you gotta screw in a light bulb but you don’t have a ladder? That’s right, you adapt and improvise. Most of the time you’ll play it smart, but not these fellas. It is as ifContinue Reading

Memes, in the sense of highly relatable funny pictures, videos, GIFs | How Old Is The First Meme Ever? | Brain Berries

Memes, in the sense of highly relatable funny pictures, videos, GIFs, etc. oftentimes with a caption, are everywhere these days. From your computer screens to smartphones, TVs, magazines, and all the way down to graffiti and even tattoos. Yes, there are crazy people who tattoo memes on their skin. Like,Continue Reading

Androgynous Style | 6 Things Women Found Really Attractive in the 60’s | Brain Berries

There’s this Bolivian stand-up comedian, Jason C. Saenz, who’s going around California, putting up fake posters everywhere. Aside from being funny as hell, Saenz’s posters are also placed in the most appropriately inappropriate places! Don’t believe me? Fine, take a look at them yourself!   Here are 20 hilarious fakeContinue Reading

  If you’re wondering whether you’re lazy and need to do something about it, here’s a few pointers that might help you answer that question.     1. You text people you live with. Screw stairs, I’ll just use WhatsApp.   2. Procrastination is your way of living. No useContinue Reading

  Ads are everywhere these days. But great ads are a rare sight. Sometimes while strolling down the street you’ll suddenly stumble upon an image with some text, and you’ll think to yourself “man, what a clever ad”. Congrats, you’ve just been hooked! First impression is a huge deal whenContinue Reading

Internet is a beautiful place. At least, it can be, if you don’t wander off into the infinite piles of creepy pastas, weird pictures, videos, and other data. You have your cat and dog GIFs all over the place, the TOP 10 lists on all imaginable subjects, and of courseContinue Reading