The Skywalker Saga is about to end late this year with the upcoming episode IX. Seems like the perfect time to review over 30 years of pop culture and see where the bar was raised and where we kind of wished the movie would’ve stayed in a galaxy far,Continue Reading

BoJack and Mr. Peanutbutter | Top 10 Enemies Turned Friends in TV | Brain Berries

The friends-turned-enemies trope is common in action movies and (especially) in romantic comedies, but when it happens in a TV show, it’s much more satisfying. You usually get to witness the changing relationship over the course of one or several seasons, and the end result (the friendship) seems much deeperContinue Reading

Home Box Office or HBO, as the kids call it today, is a cable TV company founded over 50 years ago in 1972. Since that era a lot has changed, including HBO’s content. It went from commercial-free movies to TV shows like the Game of Thrones, the Sopranos and otherContinue Reading